Stand Up To Wealthy Special Interests

Beer Citizens Divider

THANK YOU for all the support that got our bill this far, but now it is time for the final legislative battle.

The compromise bill – which has the support of craft brewers – is heading back to the House and Senate THIS WEEK where it will face a FINAL VOTE.

Your support is more important than ever, because this bill actually needs a 2/3 majority in BOTH the HOUSE and SENATE to get to the governor’s desk.

Unfortunately, we are STILL being opposed by the big beer companies and very wealthy special interests. It truly is David vs Goliath.

That’s why we need you to help us flood legislators’ inboxes and voicemails. Fill out this form below, and it will send an email from you to EVERY SINGLE state Representative and Senator, urging them to support the bill.

Tell them to “stand with jobs, not wealthy special interests!

Fill out this form to email every legislator!

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