Economic Freedom Will Create Jobs

South Carolina’s antiquated alcohol laws are strangling a growing industry that creates jobs and revitalizes struggling communities. After state legislators began supporting the craft beer industry just a few short years ago, craft breweries have exploded across the state and created hundreds of jobs. It’s time to take the next step.

This agenda was originally longer but we have been working with the South Carolina Wholesalers Association to improve the state’s craft beer environment without having to pass additional legislation. We want to thank them for their efforts in helping us accomplish our common goals.

Take action.

2019-2020 Legislative Agenda

<span>Lower The Beer Tax</span> To The National Average

Lower The Beer Tax To The National Average

South Carolina prides itself on being a state for low taxes, yet it’s beer tax is the seventh highest in the nation at an astonishing $0.77 per gallon. We suggest lowering the excise tax to the national average of $0.288 per gallon to make our state more competitive in the national beer market.

Allow For <span>Stand Alone Brewery Taprooms</span>

Allow For Stand Alone Brewery Taprooms

Currently South Carolina breweries cannot serve their beer in multiple taprooms without brewing at those additional locations. This new law would allow breweries to grow their businesses through additional taprooms and without having to go through a distribution company to transfer their beer from one location to another.

Allow For <span>Multiple Brewing Locations</span>

Allow For Multiple Brewing Locations

Many South Carolina breweries are expanding past their current establishments to additional locations. Federal law allows for multiple locations, the ability to serve beer at each location and the ability to transfer beer between each location. South Carolina’s law is less concrete. We would simply like to clarify South Carolina’s law to match federal law

Allow Consumers To <span>Purchase More To-Go Beer From Breweries</span>

Allow Consumers To Purchase More To-Go Beer From Breweries

Current state law prohibits consumers from buying more than 288 ounces of to-go beer from a brewery while allowing unlimited amounts of beer to be bought from retail locations. We suggest a change similar to North Carolina, Virginia and Florida that will put no limit on the amount of beer a consumer can purchase from a brewery.